Best Lightning Cables for iPhone 2022

iPhone and iPad cables have a habit of vanishing or breaking right when you need them. Whether you want a cheap spare, a more durable alternative, or to unlock faster charging, these are the best Lightning cables you can buy today. Lightning ports were once ubiquitous across Apple’s iPhone and iPad line-up. While they remain … Read more

Will it work on older iPhones?

At Apple’s recent WWDC 2022 event, one of the most eye-catching features announced for iOS 16 was the ability to either edit or recall messages that have already been sent. Not only could this save you embarrassment when calling a work colleague an accidentally amorous name, but could also give you a way out if you send … Read more

How to view your iPhone storage

I’m sure this sounds familiar: You’re trying to install the latest iOS release, upgrade to a new iPhone, or just download that cool app everyone’s talking about, and your iPhone says the storage is full. You’ve already deleted every app you don’t think you need, and there’s still not enough space. So you open Settings, tap General, then iPhone Storage and, sure … Read more