how to remove lexus sun visor

how to remove lexus sun visor

Removing a Lexus sun visor from your vehicle is a relatively straightforward process that requires minimal tools. If you find yourself in need of replacing or removing the sun visor, this guide will show you everything you need to know.

The first step is to locate the two screws located on either side of the sun visor bracket. Unscrew these with a flathead screwdriver and slide the bracket off. Then use your hands to carefully pull the plastic clips out of their slots located on each side of the sun visor. Once this is done, gently wiggle and tug until it comes off completely.

It’s important to remember not to force anything when completing this task as it can cause damage to both the sun visor itself and other parts in your car.

The car that you own is made up of several parts, some more complex than others. Knowing how to remove and replace those parts can be integral in keeping your car running smoothly. One of the most common parts that may need replacing is the sun visor in a Lexus vehicle. Removing a Lexus sun visor can be done fairly easily with a few tools and some patience.

The first step to removing the Lexus sun visor is to gather up all the necessary tools: a Phillips head screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, and replacement screws if needed. Then it’s time to move on to actually removing the sun visor from your car. You’ll need to locate two screws holding the visor onto its mount – these will usually be located on either side of the mirror mount or behind each end of the visor itself.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Tools

The first step when removing a sun visor in a Lexus is gathering the necessary tools. Having the right tools will help make the job easier and ensure that it is done properly. To remove a Lexus sun visor, you will need two flathead screwdrivers: one with a blade size of 3mm to 4mm and another with an 8mm blade size. You may also find it useful to have needle nose pliers or tweezers on hand for any small parts that may come loose during the removal process. It’s important to check your specific Lexus model to determine which types of screws are used in attaching the sun visor before beginning; some models use Phillips screws while others may require Torx screws. Additionally, be sure that you have enough room to work in your garage or workspace before starting this project.

Step 2: Remove Old Visor

Replacing a Lexus sun visor is an easy task that you can do yourself, and it will save you time and money. Step two of the process involves removing your old sun visor from your vehicle. The first step to doing this is to open the sun visor so that the mounting brackets are visible. Next, use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove all of the screws holding it in place. Finally, gently pull the sun visor away from its mounting brackets until it is free.

Once you have removed all of the screws and pulled away your old Lexus sun visor, use needle nose pliers or tweezers to disconnect any wires connecting it to other parts of your car’s interior. This will ensure that no wires get damaged while you are replacing your new Lexus sun visor.

how to remove lexus sun visor

Step 3: Install New Visor

Installing a new sun visor in your Lexus is the third step in replacing an old one. To ensure that your vehicle’s interior stays well-protected from the sun’s rays, it is important to install the new visor correctly. Before beginning this step, make sure you have all of the necessary tools and parts available for use.

First, locate the mounting screws on either side of where you want to install the visor. Next, place your new visor over the existing mounting bracket and secure it with two Phillips head screws using an electric screwdriver or a manual screwdriver. Finally, check for proper alignment and adjust if necessary until satisfied with fitment and performance of your new sun visor.

With just a few simple steps you can easily replace a damaged or worn out Lexus sun visor with ease.

Step 4: Secure Visor with Screws

After the Lexus sun visor has been removed and replaced, it is important that you secure the visor in place with screws. This step requires a few simple tools, which are listed here for your convenience: Phillips screwdriver, small flathead screwdriver, and a set of screws to fit your Lexus model. Once you have all the supplies needed for this step, you can begin following these instructions.

Start by using the Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws on each side of the sun visor. Next, use the flathead screwdriver to remove any remaining debris that may be stuck to inside of your vehicle’s interior paneling. Finally, insert new screws into each side of the visor and tighten them securely with either a Phillips or flathead screwdriver.

Step 5: Check for Leaks

When removing the Lexus sun visor, it is important to inspect for any leaks that may have occurred. Leaks can cause water damage and even electrical issues if left unchecked. Step 5 in the process of removing a Lexus sun visor is to check for any leaks around the mounting points where the old visor was installed.

To start, use a flashlight to look inside the car at each of the mounting points. If there are any signs of corrosion or wear around these spots, it means there may be a leak present. It is also important to look closely at each of these areas for cracks or holes in their seals that could be letting moisture into your vehicle. Finally, check under your dashboard and near the windshield for any wet spots that could indicate a leak from one of these locations as well.


The conclusion to removing a Lexus sun visor is relatively simple. By following the steps outlined above, anyone can successfully remove and replace their Lexus sun visor in no time at all. It’s important to remember that if the sun visor does not come off easily, it may require professional service from an auto shop or dealership. With patience and attention to detail, any car owner should be able to remove their Lexus sun visor with ease.

Removing a Lexus sun visor is an easy task that can be done quickly and safely with the right tools and knowledge. While some complex repairs may require professional help, minor tasks such as changing out a Lexus sun visor are doable for any car owner willing to take the time to learn how it’s done.

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